About Us

Since 1989, ABM continues to be one of the top international producers of buttons, belts, trim and fashion accessories for the garment and fashion industry. With 30 years of experience, we are the industry leaders and experts, with our headquarters based in downtown Los Angeles. We also operate a factory in Dong Guan, China, where our R&D Center is located. Additionally, we have offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai to ensure we provide the best customer service for our clients and can have real-time updates with our factory and suppliers. All of this is to offer our vendors a one-stop service for design, sales, production and drop-ship. 

ABM Fashion is part of the ABM Group, which houses multiple businesses and organizations, from fashion and trims manufacturing to a nonprofit school to a stalagmite collection. Our multitude of businesses affords us the opportunity to leverage the best talent in each field and allows our employees multiple career paths worldwide.


We have worldwide service centers strategically located in various parts of the world to ensure top-notch service. This also allows us to be at the forefront of the fashion industry, ensuring our latest collections reflect the current trends from the runway. On top of this, we have production facilities at multiple countries in Asia renowned for garment manufacturing and quality production. This allows us to marry quality materials and short production times. 


We offer a wide arrange of fashion accessories to ensure we can be your one-stop destination in putting a piece of garment together. From buttons to belts to garment tags, let us be your go-to supplier for quality products and exceptional product offerings. We boast a collection of over 200,000 styles that continues to grow everyday. If we don't have something you need, let us know, and we can work together with our R&D team in China to custom design and create exactly what you are looking for.


Environmental sustainability, community support and holistic employment are at the core of our business. We pride ourselves as a business that operates with integrity and transparency for the greater good of society.

Our factory is compliant with the International Labor Standards (ILS) by the International Labor Organization, which focuses on health and safety, nondiscrimination, and fair wages for employees. We also source from qualified legal supplies, especially in the case of raw and natural materials.

Additionally, our company fully owns and operates Yu Tim Primary School, a non-profit school in Dong Guan, China. Yu Tim Primary School provides quality education at a very low price for children of immigrant ­workers.


ABM Group purchased Yu Tim Primary School in China in 2004 to commemorate the loss of our founder's father. It has since been an integral part of our organization and inspiring opportunity to be able to help develop China's next generation of leaders. Although a non-profit school, we offer an unparalleled education with a focus on English and the arts. We partner with other leaders, schools, and non-profit organizations in Asia whom donate money, time, and equipment to our school. Our goal is to help instill a lifelong sense of learning to our students to break the poverty cycle and help them create a better future for themselves. Interested in learning more or visiting the campus? Reach out to us for more information!


We value the well-being of our employees greatly, because happy employees = happy business. At our factory, every employee enjoys rest days in the week and paid annual leave. We provide fair compensation, training, promotion, and retirement for all our employees. We offer a safe and healthy environment and goal to foster to a tight-knit community. Our factory boasts beautiful open spaces for employees to play sports and enjoy during their breaks. We celebrate major festivities, national holidays and birthdays every month. In addition, children, minors, forced labor, abuse, and bribery will not be allowed and tolerated. All our employees are valued equally, whether at our factory in China or our sales team in Los Angeles.


Love what you are reading? Ready to join the world's biggest button company? We are always hiring in our downtown office for a variety of roles, from sales to marketing to design. Please call us at 213-748-9988 or send a cover letter and resume to anthony@abm-usa.com detailing your interests.